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LASIK Photo Tour

Welcome to our photo tour. Please use the arrows to navigate back and forth through the tour.

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With convenient parking, you are only a few steps from Mattax Neu Prater's doors at our Springfield, Missouri office.

Our friendly staff will greet you when you arrive for your LASIK evaluation.
Our reception area is relaxing and comfortable, but we make every effort to see that you don't spend much time waiting there.
The WaveScan WaveFront™ system measures your eyes' unique imperfections to provide a precise, individualized LASIK treatment.
Orbscan® topography measures the shape, contour and thickness of your cornea to help your surgeon decide if LASIK is appropriate for you.
Your surgeon will evaluate the health of your eyes.
He will discuss your options with you and take time to answer your questions.
Our LASIK coordinator will meet with you to answer questions and to discuss payment and financing options. She can also schedule your procedure.
Your LASIK procedure will take place in Mattax Neu Prater's modern eye surgery center, conveniently located on site.
You will be given medication to help you relax, and our staff will prep your eyes for the procedure.

Then you will be escorted to our state-of-the-art laser suite.

Each bladeless iLASIK™ procedure begins with the surgeon using the IntraLase™ laser to make a flap on the surface of the cornea.
He will then use the VISX excimer laser to perform the vision correction treatment. 
If you like, a family member can watch your procedure from our observation room, where a technician will explain what is happening.
You will be given protective goggles, instructions for taking care of your eyes as they heal, and a follow-up appointment.
A technician will assist you as you leave the surgery center.
Your designated driver will take you home to relax and recover.