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Cataract Surgery

The only effective treatment for a cataract is to remove the lens. Not all that many years ago, surgery to remove cataracts involved making a large incision in the eye—an incision that had to be closed with stitches, which made recovery lengthy and uncomfortable. Because the eye’s lens had been removed, the patient had to wear eyeglasses with thick lenses.

That was then. Now, it is possible to restore clear vision and reclaim your life with relatively little discomfort or inconvenience.

  • Modern cataract surgery techniques involve only a very small incision that requires no stitches.
  • The procedure is performed with small instruments under the high magnification of a microscope. Ultrasound energy fragments the cataract into small pieces that are easily removed.
  • The surgeon replaces the clouded lens with an artificial lens that restores some of the eye’s ability to focus. The tiny opening heals naturally and with very little recovery time.
  • At Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center, cataracts are removed as an outpatient surgical procedure. The clouded lens is replaced by a lens implant. NO needles and NO stitches are used.
  • The actual cataract procedure takes less than 10 minutes, with minimal discomfort. Most patients experience better vision the same day.

Not only is cataract treatment the most frequently performed surgery in the United States, it is also one of the most successful. More than 99% of patients who undergo cataract removal rank their vision as significantly improved.

The surgeons at Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center have removed more than 50,000 cataracts.

Mattax Neu Prater gladly accepts Medicare assignment.

Note: The worldwide web presents new opportunities for those who sell unproven treatments for everything from baldness to cataracts. Their claims may seem impressive: eye drops that supposedly will miraculously 'dissolve' cataracts in four months. No prescription necessary…just 'click here' and enter your credit card number.

It is easy to be taken in by these sales pitches, because those who promote these useless treatments exploit a natural fear of surgery. There may be no 'miracle' cure, but modern cataract correction at Mattax Neu Prater is so CONVENIENT, SAFE, COMFORTABLE, EFFECTIVE, and AFFORDABLE that many patients call the change in their vision "miraculous." And that is real VALUE.

We are here to help. Call Mattax Neu Prater Eye Center to learn more about modern cataract correction…the PROVEN, EFFECTIVE way to recover clear vision and reclaim your life.

Cataract Surgery: Introduction

Cataract Surgery Introduction

Cataracts Surgery: Benefits

Cataract Surgery Benefits

“When I came into the surgical suite, I was a little bit nervous. The staff was just right there. They were very gracious. They were very attentive and very aware of my needs. I was very impressed.”
- Virginia, Actual Patient


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